15 Minute Killer Workout with Homemade Equipment

I just finished up a killer workout, and the whole thing only took about 14 minutes. I think it’s common knowledge these days that the number one excuse for not working out is the lack of time. Well, I’m here to call “BullS**t”!!

Today’s workout proves my point. To be perfectly honest, almost every one of my workouts proves my point.

My routine for today was endurance and strength based. I picked 4 exercises; pull-ups, push-ups, box (tire) jumps, and sandbag cleans. Basically that is a push & pull exercise for upper body and a push & pull exercise for lower body.

I performed a certain number of reps per exercise, rested for 15 seconds, then started the alternate exercise for a certain number of reps. I did this for 5 rounds. Then I repeated the format for lower body.

Pull-ups – 6 reps
(15 sec. rest)
Push-ups 10 reps
(15 sec. rest)
After 5 complete rounds rest for 1 – 2 minutes then begin lower body.

24″ Box (tire, in my case) jumps 5 reps
(15 sec. rest)
Sandbag power cleans 5 reps
(15 sec. rest)
After 5 rounds, you’re done. Less than 15 minutes!!!



  1. Tomas says

    great workout, I agree with what you said about the number one excuse. I hear it all the time as well from my soldiers “I don’t have time”. Of course if you ask them their favorite tv shows, they’ll list at least two which mean they have at least an hour a night!

    Anyways, great simple workout here and it’s guaranteed to “smoke” you if you do it with a purpose. Thanks for the great site and advice!

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