Grip Strength Needed? Get A Set of These

I need a lot of grip strength. I’m not the tallest rascal in the world, and as a consequence I’ve got small hands. Small hands equals weak hands, unless you’re determined to train them for more strength.

All too often I see gym rats using straps or other grip assists to get their deadlifts or even doing dumbbell rows and shrugs. Now I have to be honest and admit that I did too when I first began lifting some 25 years ago. I soon realized that I wasn’t doing myself any favors by neglecting my grip strength.

As a wrestler, I NEEDED a strong grip. It was a must have. There’s nothing like feeling your opponent give up trying to get out of your grip because he knows he can’t – I mean nothing.

So I began my quest to have the strongest grip of all my friends. It was tough and challenging. I didn’t even accomplish the goal, but I did get stronger than most.

Regardless, I’ve never stopped the grip training. A few months ago I met a fine fella by the name of Jedd Johnson. I spoke about him in this post about homemade grip strength. He told me a couple things that I should do that would really increase my grip strength within weeks.

One of those nuggets of gold was to start working my pinch grip. Until then I had only worked my closed hand grip. You know, stuff like heave holds and rolling the barbell down the finger tips and back stuff. Real bland exercises.

Enter the cinder blocks! These things are fantastic – and cheap – and will really increase your grip strength.

Jedd J. told me that the pinch grip has qualities that transfer over to the closed grip and makes a huge difference all the way around.

So check out this little video I shot today giving you some details.

After you check out the video – click here to see some other cool homemade hand and grip strength equipment from Jedd

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  1. jim says

    once you feel you have this mastered try grabbing the brick off center you then build your grip and forearm.

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