Homemade Chin Up Bar = Fail!

Come on people!

If you’re going to use homemade equipment at least check it for security, stability, durability, loose screws, cracks in material, etc. etc.

Obviously I’m all for saving a few greenbacks by making my own stuff. But when I’m training clients (yes, I am a trainer) I almost never put them on homemade stuff. Sandbags are the definite exception, but stuff like suspension straps, a mace, and pull up bars I go for the real thing.

Here’s a good reason to follow my advice.

Homemade Chin Up Bar = FAIL


  1. aneo says

    would agree but i have to say that i made my own suspension trainer about a year ago out of -tiedowns (i’m german i hope tiedown is the right word for “Spanngurt”) ,) and -climbing snap hooks. the tiedowns hold up weight about 400Kg and the hooks waaaay more. Using it at home and at my mma gym so its constantly ‘at work’ with me and some friends. everything’s fine so far..
    great side by the way it’s already bookmarked! planning to build those Dip Stands.. r you going to post the used materials !?

  2. Brian says

    they make a flange that you can screw the bar into! They had the right idea but that bar is to long and thin.

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