Homemade Dip Station

Every homemade gym should have some sort of dip station, dip stands, or other methods for doing dips. I won’t ramble on about how great dips are for you, I’ll just say they are a staple in my own personal routines. They go way beyond just triceps strength, they develop the entire shoulder girdle. You can never have too much strength and stability in your shoulder girdle.

In this video you’ll see my preferred style of dip stands. I especially like the way I can fold them flat for easy and out of the way storage. Space is always a premium in most any home gym.

Dip stands can also be used for hurdles, a leg prop for split squats, a barbell rack, an apparatus for doing body weight rows, and I’m sure other things that I’m missing.

If you think of some other uses, please drop a comment for all to see.

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