Homemade Grip Strength

Have you ever felt like you needed more strength in your hands?

Do you use straps and other grip supports in your training because your grip fails before the target muscle gets worked?

I was the same way…. that is until I met my buddy Jedd Johnson.

In case you’ve never heard of him, here’s a short bio – this is relevant because he’s got a grip strength video to share with you.

Jedd is a CSCS (Strength Coach) and RKC-certified Kettlbell Instructor from Pennsylvania, and he readily competes in

Jedd Johnson

Jedd Johnson

Grip Contests, competitions designed to test hand, wrist and forearm strength.

In fact, Jedd is the reigning United States champion and owns a world record in the Two Hands Pinch Lift. This Pinch Lift tests thumb strength, so you could say Jedd is the man with the strongest thumbs in the world!

Jedd considers his Grip to be his Secret Weapon in the weight room. In fact, he rarely uses straps or Grip supports because he doesn’t need them.

About a year ago I first spoke with Jedd Johnson. Mostly because I purchased his “Homemade Strength Training Equipment” DVD, but also because I was interested in seeing if this guy was as real as he appeared to be.

Since that first conversation Jedd has been an awesome friend. He’s always replied to any request I’ve ever thrown his way. And during normal conversations I’m always amazed with the wealth of knowledge he’s sharing with me – never asking for anything in return.

Click here for his free video

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