Homemade Gym Equipment – Sandbags

Sandbags are possibly the most versatile piece of workout equipment you can have. You can do deadlifts, power cleans, squats, shoulder presses, etc. etc.

The list is almost endless. You can do any movement with a sandbag that you could with a barbell and many more that you couldn’t do with a bar.

You can load it up HEAVY and do some real “farm boy” strength work. Or you can go lighter and get some metabolic conditioning work.

Enough of the babbling, if you’re here then I don’t need to sell you on the benefits of sandbag training. You’re here to see how to make a homemade sandbag.

[pro-player type=’video’]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j2wBj0Is8d8[/pro-player]


  1. Grace says

    Awesome site! I used contractor bags with 10lbs of sand along the bottom, rolled up with gorilla tape along the seams. My duffel holds up to 8 of these (I’m a bitty thing so 80 lbs is a lofty goal). Thanks for the tips! Your dip station is next for me – keep it up! Thanks!

  2. Eric says

    Awesome site!!!! Didn’t know how else to contact the admins/owners to say thank you for having this site and the content within it. I went from 330lbs in October down to 265 today using nothing but old school boxing training and home made gym equipment (diet as well helped).

    Still got 80~ lbs to drop and much more strength to gain, but this site is what inspired me to stop giving exuses and do things like rocky when he went to russia.

  3. Bob says

    I love my “sand”bags! I use top-loading military duffle bags that are 21″ x 36” and run around $8.50 locally. For the filler I use wood pellets that are for pellet burning stoves. Around here they are $4.25 a bag, and a bag weights 40#. Instead of making a bunch of 10# bags, I just bought several of the duffle bags and made a bunch of bags in 10# increments. The thing I like about the wood pellets is that they take up more volume for the weight versus sand. I get a larger bag at 80# than I would for a bag of sand at 80#.

    Great site, keep up the good work!

  4. Bryan says

    Congrats Eric. That’s a big accomplishment. I’m happy to know that this site helped inspire and motivate you to move forward with improving your health and fitness. Keep up the good work and please keep us posted on your progress.


  5. Bryan says

    Thanks Bob. I’ve realized that the mulch bags aren’t as strong as I thought. I tore a hole in it rather quickly. Things like mulch, wood chips, grass seed, etc. still work great though.

  6. keith says

    How do u construct your workouts? Do you do sandbags one day and kbells the next for example ? I just think I might overtrain doing the same body parts.

  7. Bryan says

    So sorry it’s taken so long to reply.

    The equipment I use from day to day and workout to workout is irrelevant. You can be totally fit using only a sandbag or kettle bell or whatever. My workouts are structured like this.
    Day 1 = upper push (light weight and high rep) with cardio (jump rope or airdyne cycle) b/t sets
    Day 2 = upper pull (light weight and high rep) with cardio (jump rope or airdyne cycle) b/t sets
    Day 3 = 3 + miles of interval running
    Day 4 = Upper push (heavy weight and low rep) easy 10 – 15 cardio after
    Day 5 = Upper pull (heavy weight and low rep) easy 10 – 15 cardio after
    Day 6 = long slow cardio (cycle or run)
    Day 7 = recovery – sometimes active recovery

    I don’t currently train lower body because I’m nursing a bad hamstring pull.

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