My Homemade Gym

Check it out. I wanted to shoot a video of what you can have for next to nothing, money-wise.  After watching, please leave your comments and thoughts.

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  1. paul says

    Hey, thanks alot for the tips. This has helped me with things I can do to get my own gym going…..Awesome.
    Keep up the great work

  2. Joe says

    I really love what you\’ve got going on there. I only just learned about the Bulgarian workout bag this week and I am itching to make one. Have you ever made a grappling dummy? I want to build my own. I was thinking that pvc + tennis balls+ bungee cords would make for some good joints. What about a thai heavy bag. I saw some versions with a rolled up carpet around a pvc core which can be filled with whatever for weight. I really dig this homemade fitness equiptment movement.

  3. Bryan says

    Thanks Joe – Bulgarian Training Bags are excellent for so many things. Too many to list – but my favorite (but most hated and painful) is the broad jump. Throw a 30lb bag around your shoulders and do 5 sets of 10 jumps with minimal rest between each set. You’ll see what I mean. Train hard bro!

  4. Jonathan says

    Thanks a lot Bryan for the website. I stumbled across your video on youtube. A lot of great information and great tips, gave me a lot of ideas !! I’ll be doing a bulgarian bag and a macebell this week for sure. I’m a real fan of underground and homemade training gear and workouts. Screw all these expensive crossfit gyms or whatever, you only need imagination and determination. I still use a couple of sand bags I took from my QM, but you know how it leaks all the time, the bulgarian bag is much more handy. I’m working on a way to make gymnastic rings as rigids as the one they sell.
    Thanks a lot for the info !
    Strength and Honor
    Canadian Forces

  5. says

    This is so freaking cool! I’ve never even seen some of the things you got here. This is the best gym ever, you can never get bored. Thank you for all these great ideas.

  6. Noah says

    Excellent job. I’ll be stealing many of your ideas for my homemade gym.

    I just started my homemade gym collection with a pair of indian clubs. I used a cut broom handle and cement to make mine. I put a couple of screws I had lying around into the handles crosswise so it had something to grab and filled empty jars with the cement and let it set. I made lips for the handle from oven bake putty. 10 bucks for cement (used very little of it for this), 2 bucks for putty (only used half), 1 dollar for the handle. Dirt cheap.

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