Still Need Grip Strength? Try Hub Lifting

What is hub lifting you might ask. It’s a form of pinch grip training. It’s performed by using your finger tips to grab a smallish diameter – maybe around 3″ – object and picking it up.

Most people doing this type of grip training would use some olympic weight plates and grab the center where it’s raised a little. However, the newer plates are thinner and create a much bigger challenge because the surface area to grab is also smaller.

Never fear, there’s a DIY version of hub lifting and it goes like this.

Acquire a hockey puck – buy a eye bolt – get a hole started in the puck – screw the eye bolt into it – then use a loading pin to add your weight and you’re off to the next “Worlds Strongest Hands” competition.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a video showing you all these steps. But as you can see below Jedd Johnson has one, as well as 3 others you’ll enjoy watching.

Till next time; Train Hard – Train Cheap!

Homemade Hub - Grip Strength Training

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